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The SAT is not only a critical part of the college admission process, but also crucial in helping students obtain scholarships for college. At SLC we've helped thousands of students achieve their goals; and we will make the process painless - and even enjoyable - for your teen. 

We first gain an understanding of your teens' needs and strengths by assessing their skills through a practice SAT test.  We then meet with the family to go over results, learn individual goals, and map out a personal plan and timetable for your student.

Next, a key element is pairing your child with certified, experienced math and English teachers who specialize in tutoring for the SAT.  They will engage and motivate your teen, as they strike the perfect balance between targeted skill building, effective SAT strategies, and test taking practice.  The personal relationship that teens develop with their SAT tutors creates an atmosphere of collaboration and responsibility.

Finally, the best part: teens' increased confidence and motivation as their scores rise!  Most of our students achieve an increase of over 100 points on each SAT section!  In addition, parents report that their child actually enjoys his or her SAT prep classes.  As an added bonus, our instruction always achieves benefits in school and beyond... better skills for college and improved grades in math and English classes! 

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A personal learning program is designed to maximize scores.  Students can prepare for all sections or target specific parts.  Experienced, certified teachers, who know the SAT inside-out, provide individual instruction and homework follow up.

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Our goal is for students to understand the concepts tested. Teens improve their underlying skills and correct gaps. They learn to tackle each type of SAT question, and focus on specific areas they need to improve.

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Students learn test-taking strategies and time management techniques that suit their individual abilities and learning styles. Students practice timed SAT sections to develop stamina and mental endurance.

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Our students achieve consistent results of over 100 points increase per SAT section! They also develop confidence and optimism for the SAT!

SAT Test Dates


October 1
November 5
December 3


March 11
May 6
June 3
August 26

The Redesigned SAT

The latest revisions to the SAT, effective in March 2016, represent a major overhaul to the test as it aligns itself to the Common Core Standards.

The redesigned SAT consists of two sections, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math, that are together about 3 hours long. Each section receives a scaled score of 200 to 800, for a maximum possible score of 1,600. The optional 50-minute Essay section receives a separate score.

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Redesigned SAT Format

Reading & Writing

1 Hour 40 Minutes


  • 65 minutes, 52 questions
  • 4 single and 1 paired passage sets
  • Passages: US & World Lit, Science, History/Social Science
  • Emphasis on words in context, command of evidence, informational graphics

Writing and Language

  • 35 minutes, 44 questions
  • Passages: Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Science
  • Emphasis on expression of ideas, standard English conventions, words in context, command of evidence, informational graphics


1 Hour 20 Minutes

  • Non Calculator Section
    25 minutes, 20 questions
    Tests students' understanding, fluency and technique
  • Calculator Section
    55 minutes, 37 questions
  • Math Items Across Test:
    45 multiple choice, 11 student-produced, 1 extended thinking
  • Heart of Algebra (35%)
    Problem Solving & Data Analysis (28%)
    Passport to Advanced Math (27%)
    Additional Topics (10%)

Optional Essay

50 Minutes

  • Students read a passage of about 650-750 words and respond to a prompt that asks them to explain how an author builds an argument to persuade an audience.
  • Responses are evaluated based on the strength of the analysis of evidence as well as coherence of the writing.  
  • Scores are reported on a scale of 2 to 8 for Reading, Analysis, and Writing. 

How to Plan for SAT/ACT Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

 May 7, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has frustrated the standardized testing plans of many juniors this spring.  This article explains the latest changes to the SAT and ACT testing for the rest of 2020 and makes recommendations to current juniors and sophomores to help them set a course for testing success!

WHAT are the LATEST CHANGES to the SAT and ACT?

SAT Test Updates

All three SATs have been cancelled this spring, disappointing many juniors who counted on taking the March, May, or June tests.

But students should stay upbeat and positive. Juniors are still in a good position to succeed with SAT testing and will have several more opportunities to take (or retake) the test. College Board is adding a national test date in September, and will offer one test per month in the fall.  

The upcoming fall 2020 test dates are:

August 29

September 26

October 3

November 7

December 5

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What Parents Are Saying...

After Thomas finished SAT tutoring at Somerset Learning Center, his SAT score ranked in the 96 percentile - and he received over $51,000 in scholarship money for Rochester Institute of Technology. His writing and comprehension skills improved so much. The cost of the tutoring was repaid many times over by the scholarship money and that he got into the college of his choice - his top choice! Thank you!
Thomas' mother, grade 12, Bridgewater NJ
The morning of the SAT exams, Brad came downstairs dressed and ready to go. He was eager and wanted to get going. I had to remind him that a little bit of test anxiety was a good thing. He told me not to worry, he knew what to do. When he returned, he knew he had done well. His reading, math and writing scores were all in the 700's and appropriate for college admissions. He said he wants to take the SATs again because he is sure he could get 800’s!
It is never easy to convince a teenager to do more work. Their days are full. My decision to send Brad to Somerset Learning Center for SAT prep was based on 1) the SAT tutoring sessions focused on his needs and 2) the flexibility in scheduling sessions.
Some of Brad’s classmates did not score as well as they hoped on the SATs. Brad said, “Mom, they should have gone to Somerset Learning Center.” It’s one thing to convince moms, but this is a pretty strong endorsement from a teenager. Brad will be back to review in the fall just to see if he can get 800's. Please extend my thanks to your teachers for focusing on the skill review, but even more for getting his head in the right place. Thank you!
Brad’s mother, grade 11, Basking Ridge NJ
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