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To learn new information and demonstrate knowledge, strong reading and writing skills are crucial. Just as important is your student's ability to learn from textbooks and lecture, to take effective notes, to prepare for tests efficiently, and to follow directions.


Time and Materials

Planning ahead and setting priorities around deadlines such as projects and tests are essential for school success. Students also need to be organized and manage their time and materials.

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Challenging Classes

Once students improve the effectiveness of their learning, they become more successful with difficult school work. This creates a whole new positive attitude about school and their own abilities to tackle difficult tasks.

SLC Study Skills Tutoring
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Study Skills

Time Management
Listening Skills
Note Taking Methods
Test Taking Skills
Skills for Reading Textbooks
Memory Techniques
Following Directions

About SLC Study Skills Tutoring

Many students who WANT to learn still have difficulty in school, often because they do not know HOW to learn. Study skills are skills essential for learning; and yet most school curriculum do not provide a course on study and organizational strategies. 

We first determine the student's specific needs by listening to the parents and assessing skills. Once the program is designed, our certified, experienced teachers can teach your child how to listen, read textbooks effectively, take effective notes by pulling out important information, and how to study for tests. Just as important, we teach students time management skills - what assignments to work on first, keeping a daily/weekly log of time commitments, planning ahead for projects and tests, and breaking down longer assignments into smaller chunks. We also help your child create a dedicated study space without distractions, manage materials, and become and stay organized.  Throughout our study skills program, we encourage students to bring in their school materials - including agenda, notebooks, and textbooks - to start applying proper study habits to their immediate classes and assignments.

This program is especially valuable for the middle school and the high school student trying to manage an increasing workload. The study skills program can be combined with homework help and support when needed. 

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Common Study Skills Problems
and SLC Approach

Here are some common problems we work to address at SLC.

 "I read the textbook but I still have trouble on tests".

 "I studied for the exam, but got a D anyway"

 "I don't get the class lectures so I tune out"

 I know the material... I just freeze up on tests"

What Parents Are Saying...

How do you change from your son being an underachiever, disorganized, poor time manager, and having a weakened self concept; to a focused hard worker who is a capable learner willing to explore the world of knowledge, building the poise and confidence necessary to successfully demonstrate academic proficiency? Don’t ask me! Ask Lana Marshak! More importantly invest in your child and let her show you. If in doubt call me!
Freddy's father, grade 10, Basking Ridge, NJ
Thank you so much for accepting me into your summer program. I appreciate it so much and all your help this summer. I gained a lot from Somerset Learning Center in improving my study skills, and I can’t thank you enough!
Chrissie P., grade 11, Somerville NJ
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