Math Tutoring


Classroom Pressure

Whether your student was absent from class, embarrassed to ask questions, or just struggling with material, we are here to help.


Key Concepts

New math concepts depend on previously learned rules. Gaps in your child’s foundation can quickly lead to frustration with math.



Once the pressure of the classroom is removed and key concepts are grasped, your student will begin to succeed and enjoy math.

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Programs designed for the unique needs of each student
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Grades K to 8

Number Facts, Computation Skills
Time, Money, Measurement
Fractions, Decimals, Percents
Integers, Rational Numbers, Equations
Problem Solving
Geometry, Area, Perimeter, Volume
Support with “Everyday Math” & "Connected Math"

Grades 6 to College

Algebra 1 & 2

About SLC Math Tutoring

Math tutoring involves providing math homework help to students, and improving their math foundation skills when needed. Each student at Somerset Learning Center will work with a certified math tutor, algebra tutor, or geometry tutor, who can explain difficult math concepts in a logical and organized manner using simple and accessible language. In addition to the student’s textbook, we have a huge variety of practice exercises available when additional practice is needed. We offer math help and homework assistance with basic, college prep, honors, and advanced placement levels. In the summer, math tutoring involves cementing the fundamental concepts from the year completed and introducing students to the math concepts they will encounter during the upcoming school year.

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Overcoming Math Anxiety
or Lack of Challenge

Many students fall victim to math anxiety throughout their education simply because they have not been afforded the time and the repetition they require to master new skills and apply concepts. Other students are not sufficiently challenged by their school math program and need opportunities for enrichment. At SLC, we are committed to addressing both these types of needs. Math tutoring is based on each student’s specific needs, from remedial to enrichment levels.

Mastering Prealgebra & Algebra
Ensures Future Success

Prealgebra and algebra classes are extremely important in the progression of a student’s math education. The concepts learned lay the foundation for more advanced classes, including geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. These math concepts also make up a large portion of the content on tests like the SAT and the ACT. From the beginning of a pre-algebra or algebra class, students need to learn to see algebra as a language that makes sense, and not as a set of random rules. Missing just one or two concepts in algebra can lead to poor test grades. At SLC, we identify the areas a student has not fully grasped in school, and solidify these concepts to ensure a strong foundation for future success.

What Parents Are Saying...

My son went from not knowing his basic multiplication facts to being nominated for the E-section of math in the Middle School. Instead of saying “I hate math. It’s too hard,” he now says, “ Math is fun. It’s easy!”
David's mother, grade 6, Bridgewater NJ
I just wanted to thank you, and once graduation is over, I will come in and do so personally. Nick got an 83 on his math final. Best math final for him ever! Also, got an 83 for 4th marking period! Graduation is tomorrow am and baccalaureate tonight. Needless to say I am very sentimental right now, but very, very thankful for your help. Without it, Nick may not have graduated. Thanks again, and I will see you soon!
Nick's mother, Branchburg, NJ
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