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Reading Foundation

Successful reading starts with a good foundation: letter-sound knowledge in emergent readers, and mastery of decoding and phonics rules in the early grades. Fluent and automatic reading lays the ground work for more complex tasks.


Sophisticated Content

As your child gets older, good reading becomes important for all subjects. Students need to comprehend more complex reading material and to have a well developed vocabulary.


For Life

A solid foundation in reading lays the ground work for success in all areas of school and beyond. 

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Word Recognition

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Reading Comprehension

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About SLC Reading Tutoring

Reading is the single most important skill that students learn in school. Students who cannot read effectively are likely to encounter difficulty with social studies, science, and even math. At SLC, our skills assessment determines a student's baseline decoding and comprehension abilities; and a comprehensive program is developed for remediation or enrichment. Our certified, experienced teachers are able to engage reluctant readers and to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment where children can experience reading success.  Our teachers also provide enrichment to students who would like to take their comprehension abilities to the next level!

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Word Recognition & Decoding at SLC

Reading is a complex task involving two abstract skills: decoding - the ability to convert written symbols into words, and comprehension - the ability to gain meaning from these words. 

Beginning at a comfortable level, SLC students learn the rules of phonics systematically: once a skill is mastered, a new one is introduced.  Sight words are stressed, and structural analysis of words, as well as word families are incorporated into instruction. Students also learn to become fluent readers. Fluency is important; it allows the child's cognitive capacity to be freed up for understanding the words being sounded out. 

A multi-sensory approach is used to help students with different learning styles. Instruction for students with learning difficulties is based on the research proven Orton-Gillingham approach for teaching reading and spelling.

Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary at SLC

Starting at an appropriate reading level, SLC students are taught explicit reading comprehension strategies.  These include finding the main idea, making inferences, drawing conclusions, finding facts, and detecting the sequence. Students are also taught to be active readers and to use strategies such as prediction, questioning, image construction, and summarizing. Students learn to monitor their own comprehension when reading, and to become aware when they are confused or the text does not make sense.

Knowledge of words is also critical for good reading comprehension. Explicit vocabulary instruction at SLC is based on the Greek and Latin roots that form the foundation of the English language. Students learn the "building blocks" of words, as well as specific vocabulary derived from such roots. Students learn word meanings and relationships and gain the skills to decipher an unlimited number of new words. Vocabulary development is especially critical for middle and high school students who will soon take the SAT. 

As SLC students' reading ability and confidence grow, so do the lengths of the passages and complexity of the reading material. Students also learn how to approach different reading tasks such as literature and textbooks.

What Parents Are Saying...

We are thrilled with how much Brooke has learned, and how she has improved!! She has a whole new attitude towards reading now – she LOVES it. To watch her reading to her younger sister is such an amazing thing. Thank you, and thanks to her reading tutor, for turning her into a super reader! Brooke has loved coming each week and please be assured that we will be back should the need for any of your programs/services arise. Thanks again!
Brooke’s mother, grade 1, Bridgewater NJ
Although Matthew got A’s in H.S. English, he struggled with reading comprehension and vocabulary on the SAT test. It became apparent that he needed more than just SAT tutoring. The Learning Center diagnosed a deficit in reading skills and began working on his weaknesses. In 5 months time of reading tutoring, Matthew’s reading SAT score increased by 100 points landing him solidly in line for the colleges he wanted to apply to. Matt has gotten accepted into those schools with high enough SAT scores to be exempt from placement tests. He continues to work on reading skills and has jumped 3 levels. He also is working on college study skills to gain confidence and ensure success once he goes off to college next year.
Matthew's mother, grade 11, Hillsborough NJ
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