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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers at Somerset Learning Center who helped Soham through the years with tutoring in math, writing, and SAT prep. You helped him regain his confidence and gave him tools to reach his full potential. You made learning a pleasant experience for him. Thank you for being flexible with his schedule. I will recommend your center to my friends.
Soham’s mother, grade 12, Bridgewater NJ
Tyler has been receiving tutoring for 3 months. There have been dramatic changes academically and socially. As he has caught up to his peers in writing and reading, his self-esteem has really increased. His teachers at school are very pleased with his progress and his positive attitude toward his schoolwork and classmates. He would not have made such progress without this tutoring in reading and writing, as it was much more individualized than the extra help he was receiving at school.
Tyler's mother, grade 6, Branchburg NJ
John wanted to stop by personally and tell you how well he did - but I guess he got his license and has been on the road ever since! He got a 780 in math and 670 and 650 on the other two - total of 2100! So he reached his goal first time! He may take it again just for fun, but he's done. Thanks for all your help!
John's mother, grade 11, Branchburg NJ
He did great! Drew got a 2250 on his first try after two months of SAT tutoring. 780 math. 790 verbal. 680 writing. Thank you and your staff!
Drew's mother, grade 11, Bridgewater NJ
I attend Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School. In September, I will be in the 8th grade. I come to the Somerset Learning Center for Language Arts and Math. The Learning Center is very delightful. If I had a bad day at school and I come to the Learning Center, my teacher here cheers me up. She is really wonderful, and makes learning a lot easier. I go to the Learning Center during the summer because I don’t want to forget what I learned in 7th grade. So, in conclusion, I really like the Somerset Learning Center.
Melanie, grade 8, Bridgewater, NJ
I want to thank you so much for everything that you have done to help prepare Matthew for college. He is looking forward to starting Fairleigh Dickinson. His success with your reading tutoring program has given him the added confidence that he did not have before. I will be seeing you again I am sure when it is time for my other son who is now a sophomore to start preparing for his SAT exams.
Matthew's mother, grade 12, Hillsborough NJ
I wanted to let you know that Jeff will be attending Quinnipiac University in the fall in their Athletic Training/Physical Therapy program. He had quiet a few interesting choices, including UNC Charlotte, but in the end, he decided to attend QU, since he could study PT and AT. He graduated last Saturday (and passed Math!). Thank you for all the work your teachers did. Without your diligence and patience, I doubt he would have had such interesting options.
Jeff's mother, grade 12, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Got Dene's SAT scores today... he improved! So proud of him. Math 620 to 760!!!! Critical reading 510 to 560!!! Writing 490 to 600!!!! His score is 1920, up by 290 points!! Not bad! Thank you Lana and all of Dene's teachers there. You really helped. I have recommended SLC to a few people already.
Dene's mother, grade 11, Bridgewater NJ
Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave me this summer in preparation for my college calculus class!  It was just what I needed to get through the semester.  Now I have plenty of confidence and knowledge, and the material we covered is even helping me in my statistics class.  I wanted to let you know like I promised I would, today I got my first exam back and I got a 97!  It looks like all of our hard work really paid off.  Again, thank you so much for all your time and effort, even though I struggled in the beginning, you have really helped to make my college math experience go much more smoothly.  I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how the rest of my semester goes!!
Laura, college, Neshanic Station NJ
I am very happy with the progress my daughter has been making since she has been attending Somerset Learning Center. Her math skills have not only improved, but I can see the confidence she has in completing her math work, and the pride she has in herself when she has done her work independently and correctly! I would also like to mention that the teachers and staff here are wonderful! Thank you for all of your help.
Allie's mother, grade 4, Readington NJ
The Somerset Learning Center is a great place. They help you in any subject except art, music, library and gym. I like this place a lot.
Quinn, grade 4, Bridgewater NJ
The Somerset Learning Center is a wonderful place to go. They help you understand things much better. The Somerset Learning Center is a good place for your children to go to, especially if they need a lot of help. I like this place a lot!
Jacob, grade 5, Somerville NJ
Hi guys at SLC, its me, Jon B. I got my scores from the SAT I took at the beginning of the month and I am happy to say I went from at 1760 (540 Reading, 560 Writing, 660 Math) to a 1950 (610 R, 630 W, 710 M) in just one month of SAT tutoring! Thank you guys for all your help.
Jon, grade 11, Hillsborough NJ
This is a quick note to thank you for the dramatic difference I have noticed in my son since he began coming to you six months ago. I had tried several ways to find the approach that was on target. You did! We recently received his SAT retakes. He improved from a 480 to a 570 in verbal and a 610 to 690 in math. Your skillful structure in tutoring my son for the SAT has allowed him to formally see results from his effort. Thank you.
Fred's father, grade 11, Basking Ridge NJ
As I promised, I’m emailing you in regards to my SAT scores. Do you remember my first SAT score was a 460 in math and a 520 in verbal. Thanks to you Mrs. Marshak, I went up 110 points in just a few weeks of SAT tutoring! Although I’m not sure if the SAT score ever mattered due to already being accepted at a number of schools, I still proved to myself that I can raise my scores, with the help I received from you. (If I came to you earlier, I bet I could have gone up another 100 points.) Thank you to the Somerset Learning Center teachers for all your help, and if I ever get the honor of doing it – I will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of SAT prep or any other academic help.
Rebeca B, grade 12, Neshanic Station, NJ
I started going to Somerset Learning Center at 6 years old. Now, I am 10. What I have learned has helped my grades and progress in school. I have improved in math, reading, vocabulary, and writing. I am very happy I joined Somerset Learning Center because school is never a problem for me. Plus, they have lollypops!
Meagan, grade 5, Branchburg NJ
Erin came to Somerset Learning Center the summer after her sophomore year. She has struggled with math since junior high. I felt badly because I waited so long to seek outside tutoring in this matter. Mrs. Marshak responded with “Well, you’re here now.”  In eight short months, Erin received a 102 on her Algebra chapter test and an 85 on her midterm exam. I thank God for the vision at Somerset Learning Center and the work being accomplished through Mrs. Marshak and the entire staff. You are truly a blessing. Again, thank you. 
Erin's mother, grade 11, Somerset NJ
Lilli went on the Parent Portal last night and saw that her math grade is now at 90! We are so happy for her and she said she feels proud of herself! And by the way, it was her idea to copy her report card and bring it to SLC on Tuesday.
Lilli's mother, grade 9, Somerville NJ
Sarah had a wonderful experience. She wasn’t reading when she ended Kindergarten…now, she is reading! It’s wonderful!! When she reads books to me, I can see her face light up when she knows a word she didn’t know before. Sarah loved coming here. Now, she won’t struggle with her reading. She can have fun getting used to first grade. My husband and I thank you very much!!
Sarah's mother, grade 1, Neshanic Station NJ
The center has been great. The teachers are experienced and show a great deal of concern for the student. I feel it has helped my daughter prepare for the ACT Tests. She has more confidence now to take them. Thank you!!
Karen’s mother, grade 11, Hillsborough, NJ
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