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Benefits of Private ACT Tutoring at SLC
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Private ACT Tutoring central NJ

The ACT is an important part of the college admission process.

At SLC, we first gain an understanding of your teens' needs and strengths by assessing their skills through a practice ACT test.  We then meet with the family to review results, learn individual goals, and map out a personal plan and timetable for your student.  Personal programs can be designed to focus evenly on each ACT section, or to concentrate on specific parts.

Next, we pair your child with certified, experienced math/science and English/reading teachers who specialize in tutoring for the ACT.  Utilizing the most effective and comprehensive materials, our ACT tutors present students with the skills, strategies, and practice needed for success on the test.  In addition to offering teens subject area expertise, SLC teachers engage their students, and create an atmosphere that is supportive and encouraging.  Students improve their content area knowledge, develop test taking stamina and concentration, and learn strategies and time management techniques for each ACT section.

SLC students develop the skills to take the ACT with confidence, and they achieve consistently high results! Most students increase their composite scores by 4 points total!  At SLC we've helped thousands of students achieve their goals, and we will make the process productive, and even enjoyable, for your teen.  

ACT Prep Approach at SLC

ACT Prep Bridgewater NJ



Students gain an overall review of math topics, techniques and procedures, and in depth emphasis on more difficult concepts. Strategies and time management are important components of instruction.

ACT Tutoring Branchburg NJ



Students learn to analyze essays for grammar, style and strategies.  They learn the specific grammar rules emphasized on the ACT, as well as effective strategies for this section.

ACT Tutor Hillsborough NJ



Students improve skills for reading, comprehending, and analyzing passages of different styles. They are taught time management techniques needed on this quick paced section. 

ACT Test Prep Warren NJ



Students master test taking techniques specific to this section. They learn scientific reasoning - how to interpret and analyze data, understand the significance of experiments, and compare the views of scientists. 

ACT Test Dates

2024 winter & spring

February 10
April 13

June 8
July 13

2024 summer & fall

September 7
October 26
December 7

About the ACT

The American College Testing (ACT) Program was introduced in 1959 as a competitor to the SAT. According to the test makers, the ACT measures high school students’ general education development and their capability to complete college level work. Offered seven times a year, the ACT is formally recognized by all four-year colleges. The ACT contains four required sections - English, reading, math, and science - that together are about 3 hours long.  Each section receives a score of 1-36; the composite score is the average of the four required sections. The optional 40 minute writing section receives a separate score of 1-12. 

ACT Preparation Somerset County NJ

ACT Format


45 Minutes

  • 5 passages, 75 questions
  • Emphasis on grammar/usage, sentence structure, punctuation, strategy, organization and style.
  • Reporting Categories:
    Production of Writing (29-32%)
    Knowledge of Language (13-19%)
    Conventions of Standard English (51-56%) 


60 Minutes

  • Calculator is allowed, but formulas are not provided
  • 60 questions
  • Reporting categories:  
    Integrating Essential Skills (40-43%) - focus on prealgebra concepts
    Preparing for Higher Math (57-60%) - focus on number & quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, statistics and probability
  • Over 25% of the content involves producing and interpreting models 


35 Minutes

  • 4 reading passages, 40 questions
  • Emphasis on determining main ideas, significant details, sequence of events, cause-effect relationships, words in context, comparisons, generalizations, and author's voice
  • Reporting categories:
    Key Ideas and Details (55-60%)
    Craft and Structure (25-30%)
    Integration of Knowledge/Ideas (13-18%)

35 Minutes

  • 6-7 passages, 40 questions
  • Passages about biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space science.
  • Science section does not focus on knowledge of scientific facts, but rather on scientific reasoning. 
  • Question types are data representation, research summary, and conflicting viewpoints


Optional Writing

40 Minutes

  • Students read a passage about a complex issue and write an essay evaluating three perspectives on this topic. They must create a well organized argument supported by reasoning and detailed examples.
  • Subscores (1-12) include:
    Language Use/Conventions

  • Final Essay Score (1-12) is the average of the 3 subscores

How to Plan for SAT/ACT Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What Parents Are Saying...

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. Michael said he really felt he was better prepared for the ACT after taking sessions from Somerset Learning Center than after taking the course offered by Kaplan. I am sorry I didn't think of you before I signed him up for Kaplan. Thank you again. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. I continue to recommend your company to anyone I think could benefit from your services. Besides being professional, you are so helpful too. Have a wonderful summer. I will keep you in mind next school year as Mike finishes up his senior year. He has a few classes I am a little concerned about like Physics and Trig. I will be in touch!
Mike’s mother, grade 11, Neshanic Station NJ
We just received the ACT scores.  Elissa's reading score went from 13 to 20.  This is the only area she focused preparation on in order to meet the 16 requirement.  We will be recommending your learning centr to anyone who needs help preparing for standardized tests.
Elissa’s father, grade 11, Bridgewater, NJ
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