Writing Tutoring


Writing Foundation

Successful writing starts with a good foundation: mechanics and conventions, along with the ability to generate ideas, organize, and add details. Good writing involves considerable planning and revising.


Sophisticated Content

As your child gets older, good writing becomes important for all subjects. Students need to analyze themes, justify opinions, persuade, and convey new information. Increasingly lengthy and complex writing pieces are expected.


Performance & Motivation

Once the writing process is strengthened, your child's grades in subjects that require writing (English, Social Studies, Science) will improve. Your student will feel confident when assigned complicated writing pieces!

SLC Writing Tutoring & Help
Programs designed for the needs of each child
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Composing Skills

Generating Ideas
Paragraph structure
Adding support and elaboration
Revising content for focus, style, vocabulary

Mechanics & Conventions

Capitalization, Punctuation
Sentence Structure
Grammar Conventions, Usage
Editing & Proofreading Skills
Letter Formation & Handwriting

Writing for a Purpose

Essay Writing -
Narrative, Expository, Persuasive...
Writing Tasks for SAT, ACT, PARCC
College Application Essays

About SLC Writing Tutoring

To be successful in school and beyond, all students need to have adequate skills for written expression. At SLC, a comprehensive writing program is designed to meet each student's individual needs.  To help with instructional planning, we first assess the strengths and weaknesses of a student's work. We then begin by focusing on a few specific skills that will improve the student's writing the most. Our writing tutors are certified, experienced teachers who are skilled in teaching writing strategies involving planning, organizing, and revising content, and in building students' confidence and motivation for writing!

Learn More About Our Process

Good Writing is a Process

Good writing involves learning and coordinating many different abilities.  It also draws upon many related skills, such as grammar, vocabulary knowledge, reading comprehension and content knowledge, and even spelling and handwriting. 

SLC students learn the steps of the writing process, starting with the pre- writing stage - to develop ideas and plan content. Next comes the composing stage - a draft is written. Then the writing is revised multiple times for content - better vocabulary, elaborating with details, improving focus, clarity, and organization. The last stage is proofreading and editing - to produce a final copy.

Written Expression is Critical
for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and PARCC require students to demonstrate writing proficiency.

What Parents Are Saying...

Michael's skills have improved so much since coming to the Learning Center for writing tutoring. He has learned to organize his thoughts and his writing. He begins his paragraphs with a topic sentence and provides supporting details; even his spelling has improved.
Michael's mother, grade 5, Bridgewater, NJ
When he first came to the center, Dylan was weak in all areas of writing. As of the last report card, he had shown improvement in all areas that he was weak in. I believe the writing tutoring program at Somerset Learning Center was responsible and I am very thankful for the wonderful teachers that they have. My son was excited to bring his report card home and that had never happened before. Thank you for giving my son the skills he needs to be successful in school.
Dylan's mother, grade 6, Flemington, NJ
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