Summer Tutoring

Catch Up

We will identify the areas your child had difficulty with last school year and design a program to master them.

Keep Up

Your child will reinforce important skills and content.
No more summer learning loss!

Get Ahead!

By learning advanced content and enriching skills, your child will get a head start for the next school year!

Tutoring, Skill Development, and Enrichment
SLC Programs designed for the unique needs of each student


phonics and word analysis
fluency and reading rate

Study Skills

time management
note taking
test taking
reading textbooks

sentence & paragraph structure
essay development
grammar, language usage
writing mechanics, spelling

support with college essays

Standardized Test Prep

Digital SAT
Accuplacer, GED

elementary & middle school math
algebra I & II
precalculus, calculus

Support & Enrichment

Summer classes
Credit recovery classes
Creative writing
Math challenges 
Deductive reasoning

About SLC Summer Tutoring

The summer is a time for relaxation and fun.  However, parents also know - and studies confirm - that learning loss is a consequence of unstructured summers. Somerset Learning Center offers high quality summer learning programs and enrichment opportunities to prevent summer learning loss and save hours of back-to-school review.  Our certified, experienced, and caring teachers will ensure that summer learning is interesting, effective, and fun for your child.  Your student will be well prepared and confident in the fall! 

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Support with Online Classes

Taking an online course this summer for credit recovery or advanced credit?  If you are concerned about your child handling independent study in a difficult subject area, consider getting support.  Our certified, experienced teachers offer individual support with online and correspondence courses, either for credit recovery or advanced credit.  Your child will be able to learn and understand the course material, be ready for tests and quizzes, and stay focused and organized throughout the course.  Contact the Center for additional information. 

SAT & ACT Prep this Summer

The Summer is a stress free time to prepare for the SAT/ACT.  While school work is not competing for their attention, students learn test-taking strategies and targeted skills reinforcement to approach the SAT/ACT with knowledge and confidence.

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What Parents Are Saying...

Meghan’s experience at the Somerset Learning Center has allowed her to start the school year with confidence. She has also benefited from learning better study skills and organizational skills, thus improving her time spent studying at home and improving her grades. 
Meghan's mother, grade 6, Branchburg NJ
There was a subject I was doing bad at, and it was language arts. On my tests for it, I was sad because I did not do that good. It is still hard for me today, but Somerset Learning Center helped me with a lot of reading and writing. Someday I would like to be a teacher and maybe teach other children about language arts.
Student, grade 4, Bridgewater, NJ

Reasonable Rates & Convenient Scheduling

Students may register at any time throughout the summer for sessions. Summer scheduling is flexible to accommodate vacations and activities.  To register for instruction, please call the Center at (908) 725-5454 or contact us by email.

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